All the info you need for all of Yosomii's characters!


Slick character portraits, or maybe something small!


Where to find links to my stuff and some other dudes!


Story update.


Reinstated and adjusted a lot about the character pages this update. Festin also went missing. Otherwise enjoy the new story bits and art?

Sky by ScrubSandwich on FA.

What do you mean you forgot?


Reinstated Olivia's character button. Where did it go? I don't know.

Commissioner's Update!


A serious overhaul of the commissions page, alongside some other sweet changes.

no update artwork this time :(

Cool update?


happy christamas!! 2rtsdGJOES{PRFGJIRDFHGERIOU this is a small update just for sky because i love him

This update's artwork:

Sky drawn by Pibis.

Update: Much needed changes!


Heyahowayadoin? This update is a much needed change to page formatting. You might notice already, as updates are now down here! Here's a few other changes to note:

This update's artwork:

Sky drawn by Pibis.

Update: Sticks & Stoners


Hey hey! New update and overhaul to a few character's pages, as well as some new pages to explore! Here's the list of changes:

By the way! felt it would be nice to include some artwork from friends per-update, as well as link to the respective character and artist. Here's your first one;

This update's artwork:

Cyanide drawn by Fauxy.

What happened?


Both Yosomii Twitter (X) accounts have been deactivated, hopefully for the last time. Talk about the end of an era, right? I did take the time to get a backup of my account beforehand, however, so not much history is lost in the destruction. Sweet memories.
This change is mostly because I don't recieve commissions from Twitter anymore, that and its a toxic social sandbox that only seems to be getting even more amazing with you-know-who running the place.

I will still draw, and there are plenty other places to see my work! I'm likely going to be magnetizing myself to Insta and BSky, though I'll try to keep other's up to date.
Just not twitter. Anything but Twitter.


Curiously you may find yourself unfriended on Discord. This is with no ill intent, and I cannot provide a blanket statement for everyone involved, though I can say at the very least that this is for the sake of you, and myself. We are walking different paths now, friend. I am sorry.

You are free to DM me regarding commissions and/or work I've made for you that you'd like to preserve, otherwise do not attempt to contact me again.



School days are upon us, and I'm only a week into college. It's great so far! Amazed at how much I've learned in such a short timeframe.

Oh right! Here's a changelog:

Timebomb Tower


Can you believe it guys? Timebomb Tower, soon? Released! It's real.

Note this link doesn't lead to any patches, so don't expect a download that you can use. Oh well, enjoy how it looks for now?






Schools out bitches!! Here's updates for you.



Added additional support for mobile users... or at least tried to.



Much needed optimization update. There's white edges around everything now but it shouldn't take too long to load.



Hi there.

So a bit of an update on what's up: I took up work again and I feel sore.

While work is going on updates may be infrequent alongside artwork but but but but but BUT I do have some things planned. Specifically Babysitter is getting a revamp with their recent appearences outside of HighlightedBold. Other characters as well ARE planned but it may be a bit considering I'm a little behind on comms.

For now though thanks for sticking with me. You're something else. : )

Update: Comms, dead bugs, Updated fonts...



If you're encountering any errors, you may have to clear your caches.

Update: Links and Characters.


Bugfixes. Here's a sortof list:

If you're encountering any errors, you may have to clear your caches.

Mutenote Site Launch


Congrats. Thanks to the power of Neocities and not wanting to lurk on the disaster of Twitter, Here we are. You're free to stay, to explore, but you might not find much. At least, not for now.

This site is currently in a sort of BETA, so expect weird text / dummy tiles.